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New York Free Online Legal Advice

Looking for free legal advice in New York State? No need to bang your head against the wall. Finding the right advice is now as simple as performing one quick search online, however be aware that not all legal advice available on the web is necessarily right for you. It all depends on your legal needs. Most non-profit legal organizations out there offer their services mainly to low-income citizens, immigrants and refugees. These services include information, orientation, and legal representation.

Four very useful websites where you can find free legal aid in New York State are:

Law Help New York

Law Help has a section on their site exclusively for New York State. They also provide an extensive list of your legal rights covering everything from Internet fraud, family and juvenile, workers’ rights, seniors and a lot more useful articles that can help you know where you are standing in terms of your legal issues. The site offers free “do-it-yourself interviews” for those who decide to go to court without an attorney and struggle to fill out the court forms. They even have legal assistance provided in Spanish. Your language should not be an impediment to receive free legal aid and these non-profit organizations understand it.


The Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York

Better known as “The Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York”, this website offers information and free help exclusively for non-criminal related legal problems. The main goal of is to offer free guidance for low-income people with civil legal needs. Their clients include immigrants, working people, senior citizens, families and basically anyone with a low income. People with disabilities especially those with hearing impairment can receive the help of interpreters. For some particular cases if you are a victim of family violence or are over 60 years old you can receive their help even if you don’t qualify as a low-income person. For more information you can contact them at their Legal Help line: 1-877-777-6152. The Legal Aid Society of Mid-New York has offices located in Binghamton, Norwich, Cortland, Oneonta, Oswego, Syracuse, Utica and Watertown.


Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York

The name stands for “Legal Aid Society of Northeastern New York”. They provide free legal advice and services to sixteen counties. All upstate New Yorkers within a low income qualify to receive this help, however their services are subject to availability of their staff. If you are simply looking for free legal information is a great place to start, the website has a fantastic compilation of news, reports and general legal resources. The only way to know if they can help you is by contacting them either by visiting one of their local offices or by phone.


US Attorneys Legal Services

In case you want to explore other free legal alternatives this site has a very useful list of organizations providing free legal aid in New York State. The list is divided by county and includes contact information such as phone numbers, address and the organization’s name. The site also offers free legal information, however this is general legal advice and some might not apply for New York State. Don’t rely on the information provided by this site without comparing it to other sites strictly about legal information in New York.

As previously mentioned finding the right free legal advice in New York is possible. Depending on your legal problems it might be easier to find organizations such as the ones above willing to collaborate with you, the most complicated cases that include violence are often the main target of these non-profit organizations. Reading all the free information available online about your legal problem will also help you make smart decisions.


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