Prepaid Legal Advice

Prepaid legal advice is becoming more and more popular throughout the United States among individuals, families, and companies. Prepaid legal advice are companies that have contacted a variety of attorneys in various fields to offer their consultation services and other services to members that have joined and pay a monthly fee.

With prepaid legal advice, for a fee of a certain amount monthly, you will be able to talk with an attorney using a toll free number, have the attorney write or telephone in your name for legal cases, have an attorney check documents for accuracy, write wills, and even represent you in criminal cases. You decide exactly what type of coverage you or your business may need and then go with that particular plan. However, if what you need is not covered by the plan you choose you will not have coverage and will incur added costs or they may not work with you on this legal issue at all.

You can find information on the various prepaid legal advice companies and plan on the internet or by calling them locally. You should contact the various prepaid legal advice companies before signing with the first one you find, as each one will offer different services from consultation to criminal defense. Finding the best prepaid legal advice can be as easy as searching online and reading reviews of others that have plans with various prepaid legal advice companies. At this time, the most popular company is Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc., which has over 1.2 million members. However, be sure to learn what you will receive with your plan or you may not receive the prepaid legal advice you need when the time arises. Talk with friends and family members if they have a prepaid legal advice service, they may be able to steer you in the right direction.

note: this site does not provide any legal advice but rather information on where to seek legal advice.


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